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Who is Mylah
and who are we?

Mylah is our little daughter and granddaughter who is named after. The company was founded in 2023.
Here we sell good quality musk ox yarn as well as finished products. We sell yarn in natural original colours.

The long journey of the musk ox is not just a film with a story about the movement of musk oxen from Northeast Greenland to Kangerlussuaq in 1963, which we became a part of in filming in 2001, when we then and for a total of 27 years offered hunting trips for musk oxen, as a family-run business , (a business which our brother and son continue to this day). We now continue the 'musk ox's long journey' on a new journey, this journey with a long wool process before the yarn is ready for you.

For us, sustainability is a decisive factor and has always been so. We always cheer for sustainability.

For us, sustainability means that the population is doing well, that there is enough vegetation for the animals and that there is a balance between not too many and not too few animals. If this must one day mean that the animals must have peace for hunting for a period or a number of years (in the event that the authorities do not manage the areas sustainably in quotas), then we also cheer for that.

Therefore, it is important to us that the animals are treated properly, that rules are observed and, not least, that no more animals are killed than permitted. Therefore, you support sustainability when you buy the wool from us, you know our policy and here you can safely buy the wool if you also support sustainability.

We wish you all the best in life, and are incredibly grateful that you have chosen mylah wool.

Best regards,

Mylah, Miacecilia and Malene

Our inspiration

An eternal gratitude for the country's resources; our beautiful nature, which gives us freedom and spirituality. Our culture, which gives us strength and pride and not least our wildlife, which gives us life, inspiration, food on the table, comfort and keeps us warm. Both small and magnificent animals deserve a free life, and via sustainable exploitation until the day their free life in the magnificent nature ends. Here in deep gratitude for the muskox and its absolutely fantastic properties, not least in the form of this softest wool, which is our source of inspiration for this company.